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The Faculty of Philology

ВербицкаяSt. Petersburg State University was founded by Peter the Great in 1724, and it is the oldest higher education institution in Russia. The Russian Government has decreed that St. Petersburg State University has national heritage status.

The University has twenty four Faculties, with a total student population of more than thirty thousand, and about six thousand professors and university teachers. The University is not only the largest educational institution in Russia, but also a research centre which encompasses more than ten research institutes.

The Faculty of History and Philology was founded in 1819, and at that time it included the Department of Russian Philology. The Faculty had its first reorganisation in 1850, and then remained unchanged until 1917 when it became the University’s teacher training institute. In 1937 the Faculty of History and Linguistics was restructured and the Faculty of Philology was established in its contemporary form.

Today the Faculty of Philology is the largest philological and linguistic faculty not only in Russia, but also in the whole world. It is a modern and rapidly developing academic and research centre which trains specialists in the spheres of education, translation and interpreting, publishing, and research.

The Faculty is located in one of the most picturesque parts of the city in a historic building on the University Embankment.

The student body of the Faculty consists of more than three thousand students on undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programmes. The types of enrollment include full-time, evening and part-time study. State-of-the-art computers and multimedia equipment are used to support the teaching and learning process.

There are thirty five academic departments and 1135 teaching staff members, including five corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, one member of the Russian Academy of Education, two members of the Academy of Humanities, one corresponding member of the International Association of Academies of Sciences, eighty one professors (sixty eight full professors), 326 associate professors (244 are associate professors by academic title). There are 558 faculty members who possess doctoral degrees – 453 have the first doctoral degree (PhD) and the rest possess the second doctoral degree.

The Faculty also employs teachers and professors from abroad to give lectures and conduct practical classes.

Various St. Petersburg linguistic schools are part of the Faculty of Philology. These schools are:  School of Russian Linguistic Studies (Prof. V.V. Kolesov), School of Slavic Philology (Prof. G.A. Lilich, Prof. V.M. Mokienko), Shcherba School (Prof. L.V. Bondarko, P.A. Skrelin), Larin School of Lexicography (Prof. A.S. Gerd, Prof. L.A. Ivashko, Prof. D.M. Potsepnia), School of Modern Linguistics (Prof. L.A. Verbitskaia), School of History and Literature (Prof. A.B. Muratov, Prof. M.V. Otradin, Prof. P.E. Bukharkin), School of Romance and Germanic Literatures (Prof. I.I. Kuprianova, Prof. I.P. Volodina, Prof. T.V. Sokolova), School of Scandinavian Studies (Prof. V.P. Berkov), School of Fundamental Germanic Studies (Prof. S.M. Pankratova, Prof. K.A. Filippov, Prof. A.V. Zelenshchikov).

There are five dissertation councils at the Faculty of Philology.