«Philologia classica»

Philologia Classica is an interdisciplinary periodical publishing research in the field of Classical philology, covering a broad range of topics including Ancient literature, Ancient Greek and Latin languages, textual criticism, papyrology, epigraphy, Indo-European linguistics, history of Ancient art, Ancient philosophy, religion and material culture, provided they are based on the profound knowledge and analysis of ancient texts. Articles on the history of Classical studies and reception of Ancient culture in the Mediaeval (including Byzantine) and Modern European culture are also welcome should they only be firmly grounded in Graeco-Roman antiquity.

The Editorial Board will only consider manuscript submissions meeting the guidelines laid down in the Notes to Contributors section on the website.

All submissions will be subject to double blind refereeing.

Subscription Information

In order to subscribe to Philologia Classica you may contact the Publisher directly by calling +7 (812) 328 77 63, or by sending an email to post-spbgu@mail.ru. Philologia Classica is published twice a year (every six months) in print, and you can either choose a renewable annual subscription (receiving two parts which form a volume), or a six months’ subscription, in which case you will receive a single part of the volume only.

Subscription available from the Publisher allows you to subscribe to any of the back issues of the journal, either a printed volume, or its single part. Prepayment is required for all subscriptions. The individual subscription price offered by the Publisher is 250 roubles (for a volume part), or 500 roubles for the whole volume.

Subscription is also available at the Russian Post offices or through such subscription agents as “Kniga-Servis”, “Ekonomitcheskaya Gazeta”, “Pressinform”, “MK-Periodika”, “Informnauka”, “Inter-Potchta 2003”, “Baltpress”, “Artos-Gal”, “Inform-Sistema” at a price specified in the subscription catalogues.

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The Philologia classica editorial board

  • Editor-in-chief - Elena V. Zheltova, St Petersburg State University, Russian Federation
  • Deputy editor-in-chief - Michael M. Pozdnev, St Petersburg State University, Russian Federation
  • Executive secretary - Anna A. Kormilina, St Petersburg State University, Russian Federation
  • Michael von Albrecht, University of Heidelberg, Germany
  • Olga V. Budaragina, St Petersburg State University, Russian Federation
  • Alexander K. Gavrilov, St Petersburg Institute of History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Federation
  • Nijolė Juchnevičienė, Vilnius University, Lithuania
  • Nikolaj N. Kazansky, Institute for Linguistic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Federation
  • Stephen E. Kidd, Brown University, USA
  • Tatiana V. Kostyleva, Higher School of Economics, Russian Federation
  • Carlo Lucarini, University of Palermo, Italy
  • Boris Maslov, University of Chicago, USA
  • Bernd Seidensticker, Free University of Berlin, Germany
  • Alexander L. Verlinsky, St Petersburg State University / Bibliotheca Classica Petropolitana, Russian Federation
  • Georg Wöhrle, University of Trier, Germany


Editorial office address: Room 176, Department of Classics, Philological Faculty, St Petersburg State University, 11 Universitetskaya Naberezhnaya, St Petersburg, 199034, Russia

Email: classica.phil@spbu.ru

Tel.: +7 812 324 12 70 (extension 1175)

Website: philclass.spbu.ru